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Let’s put down our electronic devices and have face-to-face communication

Let our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the Newtown shooting as they search the wreckage for answers as to why this could happen. This will especially be difficult for anyone involved being that the shooting happened so close to Christmas, a time that is supposed to be filled with joy not sadness. How could the shooter come to such a point in his life that killing children could seem like his only hope?

The investigators are most likely to find that the shooter had some type of social or mental disorder, but can this really be the reasoning behind something so hideous? I think that a person with enough mental and physical capacity to plan and carry out such an ugly crime is not acting because of a disorder but out of a lack of spiritual well-being.

This day in age with cell phones, computers and machines at every turn of the head, we have been living alone together. How often does a person find themselves checking their phone in the middle of a face-to-face conversation? Did the shooter foresee a future for those children that he himself could not face? A future were all face-to-face interaction is gone via the medium of an electronic device.

I earnestly believe that if this shooter of Newtown had had more face-to-face interaction he may not have done what he did, leaving every onlooker to ask why. So while we are praying for the families of this heinous crime let’s set down the phone and have healthy face-to-face time with family so that maybe in the future we will not have to witness the wake of a sadness