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Let’s not discard Obama’s leadership

The human spirit and sportsmanship of the Olympic athletes reminds us all of the abilities and uniqueness of each of us. Unfortunately some nations (China in particular) seem not to value their athlete’s uniqueness as much as they value winning a gold medal. And, of course, there’s always a few whiners and complainers who don’t give credit for the efforts and accomplishments of others.

Speaking of whiners and complainers, isn’t it time that we all give a little credit and a little less criticism to our president?

When our economy was on its “deathbed,” his intelligent, forward-thinking leadership prevented a depression and put us on a path to a recovery from the mistakes of the last administration (huge tax cuts while waging two wars, under regulation of big banks, etc.)

Let’s give him due credit for his use of “smart lethal power” to eliminate our No. 1 enemy and many of his partners without risking the lives of thousands of our young people, hundreds of thousands of innocent people and spending fantastic sums of money on an outdated war strategy. He has the foresight and understanding of the world and human nature to lead us in foreign affairs in a dangerous and very complicated world.

His unique, forward-looking leadership isn’t flashy… there’s a little of the “Bring it on,” “Mission accomplished” and “Shock and awe” that we’ve become accustomed to (and got us into so much trouble and so much useless debt). Instead he quietly and intelligently goes about the complicated and slow business of ending our two-part “national nightmare” of a wrecked economy and two devastating wars. He deserves a lot of credit. Give the guy a break. And we again put our country in danger if we are foolish enough to lose his leadership.