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Law officers don't show care when at high speed

Recently, I was sitting on my deck in town and enjoying a peaceful evening. Relaxing and watching the neighborhood kids play football in the field across the street. Around 6:15 p.m., one of law enforcement's Chargers came around the corner of Minnesota Avenue, crossing into the oncoming lane and proceeded to accelerate to an extreme speed only to travel one block and then having to slam on the brakes to take the corner of Paul Bunyan and 15th.

Now I understand that there are emergencies but following that incident another Charger and the Durango also did exactly the same thing with no regard for the children playing in the field to the left. There is no way in my opinion that any of them would have been able to stop if one of those children ran after a ball or darted out in the street as children do.

Flashing lights don't stop children; it's our responsibility as adults to make sure they are safe. We need to start looking at the way law enforcement is driving. I have seen several incidents like this since living in town. As a parent, I feel that we have to say something and try to make them realize they need to slow down.

Sure everyone wants them to get to the scene of an emergency as fast as they possibly can, but at what cost to the community?

I will not jeopardize my son just so they can get to a non-life threatening accident. I want to make it clear that these were not police cars these were sheriff's vehicles. If they want to drive like that on Paul Bunyan Drive or the highways it's still ridiculous but at least it's a wider street with fewer children.

They need to keep their speeds off back streets and side streets to protect our children. Remember they are not above the law they are to enforce it and supposed to protect and serve, not put people (especially children) at risk; maybe they need to re-evaluate that.

Shawn Williams