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Larson is a man everyone can appreciate

The residents of the city of Bemidji should congratulate themselves on a job well done. Bemidji is truly a gem of a community with tremendous potential that can get even better with thoughtful, insightful and communicative leadership.

Two years ago you elected a new mayor. That man was relatively new to the area, had no obligations to individuals, businesses and politicians, and wanted to make the community a better place while listening to everyone in the community.

He has listened, in my opinion, and maintained a cohesive balance between fiscal responsibility and having the best, most responsive community possible. Throughout his short tenure the City Council has been able to conduct business cohesively while at the same time debating issues openly and fairly and without publicly displaying rancor among themselves, a rarity in today's politics.

He understands that Bemidji includes not only the residents within the city limits, but all people who work, visit and recreate in the city as well. My conversations with him have always been thoughtful, insightful and full of hope for Bemidji.

He is always concerned with how much it will cost the residents versus how many benefits, tangible or intangible, they will receive. Leadership involves more than just saying yes to every good, well-presented and intentioned idea. It means saying no to those ideas that are not affordable or don't fit into the direction of the community's defined goals. He is willing to lead in that regard.

As you, citizens of Bemidji, vote for your next mayor, seriously consider and re-elect Mayor Dave Larson, a man everyone can appreciate.

Mel Milender