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From left, Bemidji High School students Ingred Dehler-Seter and Jade Hovet prepared to perform the "BHS This Morning" show with Larry the Cable Guy. Larry spent Tuesday at the high school visiting with students in class and serving lunch. Later in the day, he received a curling lesson at the Bemidji Curling Club. Photo courtesy of Bryan Hammitt

Larry the Cable Guy visits BHS, curling club

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Larry the Cable Guy visits BHS, curling club
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Students at Bemidji High School were surprised to see Larry the Cable Guy serving tacos at lunch Tuesday.

Larry also helped teach an Advanced Placement U.S. History class and co-anchored the morning announcement show "BHS This Morning."

Yes, the "git 'er done" comedian, who is performing this evening at the Bemidji Regional Event Center, spent the morning at the high school and later received a curling lesson at the Bemidji Curling Club.

Following Larry throughout the day was a camera crew, shooting Larry's new show, "Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy," to be featured on the History Channel in 2011. The program will feature the comedian touring the United States, absorbing himself in different lifestyles and occupations.

While the media was not allowed to interview Larry, many who saw him during the day were eager to share their experiences.

Emily Deheart, a senior at BHS, met Larry in her first hour of Advanced Video Productions class.

"It was really cool," she said of seeing Larry.

Deheart said students in the video production class knew Larry would be coming that morning, but said other students in school were unsure whether his visit was a rumor or the truth.

"He cracked a lot of jokes," Deheart said. "They were pretty funny. He had camera men following him around everywhere. You always knew when he'd move because the cameras were on him all the time."

During the morning show at BHS, student co-anchor Jade Hovet acted surprisingly calm as Larry read off the announcements on the teleprompter, adding jokes after last names he was unsure of how to pronounce and acronyms he did not understand.

Bryan Hammitt, industrial technology teacher at BHS, helped instruct the students, along with Director John Dressen, in producing BHS' two television shows, "BHS This Morning" and the "Lumberjack Live Show."

"You couldn't have asked for a better learning opportunity," Hammitt said of Larry. "He's awesome. He is comedic the entire time."

Hammitt said BHS students in the advanced video productions class were able to learn how producers work at the Hollywood level.

"The exposure students got was priceless," Hammitt said. "To get somebody, an 'A-lister,' to come in is great. Students got to learn all the work the producer had to do, like getting all of the permission slips ahead of time."

Hammitt said Larry's producers spoke to his class afterward and were impressed with the BHS students and the video production facilities.

"They had lots of questions for me about our production room," he said. "I heard one of his guys say, 'This is a high school? My gosh.'"

At the Bemidji Curling Club later that afternoon, as the Legends Curling League practiced, Larry received a curling lesson from club manager Pete Fenson.

After several lessons on proper curling techniques, Larry eventually left the hack and slid his stone down the ice. He ended up falling down on the ice, but threw his hands up in the air as his stone made it to the scoring area. People watching from the viewing deck above the rink cheered and applauded his efforts.

Jan Fenson, who was watching the curlers from above the rink, said she was not as familiar with Larry the Cable Guy, but knew this summer he would be coming to the club.

Another woman watching Larry from the viewing deck above the rink said, "It's nice to see him here in an ordinary place."

BHS Online Video

The public can see Larry the Cable Guy's performance on the "BHS This Morning" by clicking on the link accompanying this article.