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Kudos to the Sanford Center for hosting dental leaders

The Sanford Center in Bemidji shone as the star of the north for visitors to our community when, for the second time in the past three months, it hosted leaders and members of the Minnesota Dental Association and dental leaders from around the region.

In June, the Sanford Center provided a wonderful facility and tremendous staff for the Mission of Mercy dental outreach event that provided two days of free dental care. And Bemidji itself, along with all of our neighboring communities, stepped up to the plate in exceeding goals when 1,331 volunteers came to the Sanford Center to act as neighbors helping neighbors. But without the advantage of a large, well-designed and exceptionally equipped facility (as described by the national event staff) — and even more importantly the bend-over-backwards to make-the-event-successful-without-a-hitch work of the personnel at the Sanford Center — there could not have been more than 3,000 volunteers and patients occupying the site over a span of four days in June to provide such needed and important care.

The dental professionals who came from around the entire state of Minnesota as well as other parts of the nation repeatedly complimented the Sanford Center as being one of, if not the, best facilities to ever host a MOM. And the thorough, smooth, professional care and attention of the staff before, during and after Bemidji MOM was commented upon repeatedly.

Then just over a week ago, the Minnesota Dental Association convened at the Sanford Center for its annual House of Delegates conference (the association’s governance meeting) — the first time ever in Bemidji. More than 150 dentist leaders, dental student leaders, state and national dental association representatives, dean of the school and dentistry and MDA staff once again made the Sanford Center their home for four days … once again came away saying how wonderful the facility staff were to work with (particularly emphasized by the MDA staff) and how beautiful were the city of Bemidji and the area.

Hundreds of individuals who had never been to Bemidji or the area visited, participated, and left — complimenting our community and the Sanford Center.

Special thanks to Georgette Bloom and Mike Cronin who, along with their entire crew, hosted these two largest state dental association events, and who also so wonderfully showcase our community and this wonderful asset.

John Lueth, DDS

Trustee, Minnesota Dental Association

Local chair, Bemidji Mission of Mercy