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Kudos to Bemidji Symphony Orchestra

Wow, what a concert on Sunday afternoon by the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra, choirs and soloists. Brahms Requiem, a dynamic piece to start off with, and the combined efforts of the orchestra and choirs conducted by Dr. Beverly Everett was unbelievable.

Bemidji is so lucky to have an orchestra of this caliber, performing works like this. When the combined choirs started singing, I thought, "Oh my God’ they are going to blow the back out of this auditorium." It was so, so powerful, so full, my hair stood on end.

Combined with the orchestra and the choirs the Requiem left me breathless, speechless; I was unable to move when it ended, I was left so full of emotion. The orchestra and choirs were so blended together, working and complementing each other, almost crying together as they held each other up emotionally to present this powerful piece. The wonderful soloists Jennifer Swanson and Edward Huls were so good, and the community was so lucky to hear these two.

Beverly, you have done wonders with this orchestra through the years. Your expertise has really brought this orchestra to standing ovations many times over. I hope you never leave.

In closing, I would just like the community to know what a wonderful orchestra and a community and college chorales they have in this town. Please support them and wait until you see next year’s lineup for the orchestra concerts. Buy a subscription ticket and go see them.

Bemidji High School maintenance, you may want to check the stability of that auditorium to make sure the walls are not ready to collapse from the enormous volume that came out of it on Sunday.

Patti Sellon

Thief River Falls