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Kelliher will led state in the right direction again

Our Legislature has been fighting for us to get more of us working again, to make our schools better and to get affordable health insurance for Minnesotans who don't have it. That charge was being led by our speaker, Margaret Anderson Kelliher. Margaret's opponent was a governor who long ago has turned his back on Minnesota in a quest for power in Washington, D.C.

Margaret and her caucus brought forward ways to invest $1 billion in Minnesota job growth, to get our schools again going in the right direction and to bring $1.4 billion in federal funding for health care for Minnesotans. Our governor said "No" to all of it; not because it was the right thing for us but in hopes of getting the attention of the most extreme members of his national party; the same ones he hopes will reward his blind ambition with their presidential nomination.

The governor's "No, No, No" forced Margaret and your legislators to dig in and fight to preserve and protect those things that have made Minnesota great. In the face of the governor's plans to cut our schools and kick Minnesotans off of their health insurance, Margaret stood up to the governor. Her leadership has brought our state back from the brink and now it's time to change course. It's time for a governor who will say yes to our students, yes to quality health care for all of us, yes to those of us who still need jobs.

Minnesotans deserve a governor who actually wants to be governor, not because of where it will lead them but because of where she can lead us. I had the great pleasure of serving in the Minnesota House leadership with Margaret and at first was a skeptic. Representing northern Minnesota I questioned how well she would fight for us. Did she understand our needs and goals? She won me over in little time by asking great questions, listening and when we told her what we needed in the North she said "Yes."

Now we have a chance to elect a governor who's not in it for themselves but who's in it for us. Let's elect a governor who will again listen to us and will say yes to putting more of us to work, getting our schools going in the right direction and making quality health care a reality for every Minnesotan.

Frank Moe

Grand Marais