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Junior curling: Dropkin rink 2-1 in early going at nationals

SEATTLE — The Korey Dropkin rink of Massachusetts won two of its first three games at the U.S. National Junior Men’s Curling Championship tournament.

The rink, which includes Bemidji curlers Mark Fenner and Alex Fenson, dropped its opener Sunday morning 8-5 to Scott Dunnam of Pennsylvania but coasted to wins in its next two games.

On Sunday evening Dropkin blitzed Daniel Dudt of Pennsylvania 8-2 and on Monday morning the team battered Wesley Pedersen of Michigan 8-2.

In Monday’s late draw Dropkin faced Daniel Plys of Duluth.

Branden Scheel of Fargo held the early lead with a 3-0 record. Sitting at 2-1 heading into Monday’s late draw were Dropkin, Dudt, Dunnam, Ethan Meyers of Minnesota and Jake Vukich of Washington.

In today’s action Dropkin will face Vukich in the morning draw and Scheel in the evening session.

National Junior Men’s Tournament


Scheel (Fargo) 3-0, Dropkin (Mass) 2-1, Dudt (Penn) 2-1, Dunnam (Penn) 2-1, Meyers (Duluth) 2-1, Vukich (Wash) 2-1, Pedersen (Mich) 1-2, Plys (Duluth) 1-2, Osterhaus (Wis) 0-3, Schommer (Alaska) 0-3

Sunday’s Results

Dunnam 8, Dropkin 5; Plys 8, Osterhaus 2; Scheel 10, Schommer 2; Meyers 8, Pedersen 4; Dudt 7, Vukich 6; Dropkin 8, Dudt 2; Vukich 14, Schommer 1; Pedersen 8, Osterhaus 1; Scheel 8, Plys 0; Dunnam 8, Meyers 7

Monday’s Late Draw

Dropkin vs. Plys; Dunnam vs. Pedersen; Dudt vs. Meyers; Schommer vs. Osterhaus; Vukich vs. Scheel

Today’s Schedule

11 a.m.: Pedersen vs. Scheel; Meyers vs. Plys; Schommer vs. Dunnam; Dropkin vs. Vukich; Osterhaus vs. Dudt

Tuesday, 9 p.m.: Schommer vs. Dudt; Vukich vs. Dunnam; Dropkin vs. Scheel; Osterhaus vs. Meyers; Plys vs. Pedersen

Wednesday, 2 p.m.: Osterhaus vs. Dunnam; Dropkin vs. Schommer; Vukich vs. Pedersen; Plys vs. Dudt; Scheel vs. Meyers

Wednesday, 10 p.m.: Meyers vs. Vukich; Scheel vs. Dudt; Dunnam vs. Plys; Pedersen vs. Schommer; Dropkin vs. Osterhaus

Thursday, 2 p.m.: Dudt vs. Pederson, Osterhaus vs. Vukich; Meyers vs. Dropkin; Dunnam vs. Scheel; Schommer vs. Plys