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Judges should be held accountable for their actions

The Pioneer is a great little newspaper and is to be congratulated as a voice of the public. However one subject that the Pioneer seems to avoid as being immune from criticism is the behavior of judges. This group apparently being supposedly specially endowed with the wisdom of Solomon is apparently answerable to no-one and the demeanor of these individuals speaks for itself.

I have had the unpleasant experience, being an obstinate and somewhat cantankerous individual, of spending more than a casual time in court and observing blatant ignoring of the law while personal biases override their decisions. In most cases there is no recourse to appeal or the matter is prohibited by the costs. Only in grossly repetitive behavior are these judges disciplined. There should be opportunity for review of a decision by a conciliation judge as well as with other judgments, but then we know who make the laws and for whose benefit they are bent.

Carl Seemann