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John Carlson is a strong proponent for Senate 4

John Carlson, a Bemidji small businessman and adjunct college professor is running a unique campaign. He's only accepting contributions from district citizens at a maximum of $100 each. Picture a state senator with no commitments to special interest groups, political action committees, business groups, unions or party affiliates.

John's opponent, Mary Olson, is a fine person with four years experience. Her advocacy for a single-payer, Canadian-style health care system leaves me in complete support for Carlson. I spent many working years investigating corruption in government programs while participating in health care seminars for such providers as Mayo Clinic. Simply put, there is no government entity, be it state or federal, which could competently administer a health care program for all its citizens. When fraud occurs privacy issues and sufficiency of probable cause make investigations very difficult and I can only envision a bureaucratic nightmare. Obamacare? A different subject but a myriad of new problems.

John believes in the implementation of a photo ID in order to vote. There is no defensible reason why we cannot protect our precious right to vote. Elections are being hijacked through illegal immigrant voters, ineligible prisoner voters, and by groups such as ACORN who have admitted many cases of voter fraud. We have photo ID's for passports or driver's licenses but not to protect our elections. We need to insist both major parties get on board on this issue.

John is a strong proponent of Second Amendment rights to bear arms and a believer in reserved rights for the states under the 10th Amendment. While far from an ideologue he feels the 10th Amendment will become important in upcoming court battles over the necessity to purchase health coverage and the rights of states to protect their own borders. He is also a strong advocate for protecting the rights of the unborn.

A personal concern if we go to one party rule is passage of a medical marijuana law which has been pushed by Yvonne Prettner Solon, the DFL lieutenant governor candidate. The cognitive and motor skills impairment leading to increased dependency and other related health issues make this a no brainer for me. Why bring to Minnesota schools and communities all the social and legal problems this law has caused in California?

Think of all these issue and then vote for John Carlson.

Joseph J. Ryan