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Jobs for disabled very rewarding

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. Many individuals with disabilities in this community are present in our daily lives living among us and knowing the fact that their efforts contribute to the success of this community. They enjoy doing daily activities that everyone else does which includes working in the community. To have a place to go to work each day is rewarding in that it helps all of us participate fully as part of the community. To have the ability to contribute to society through paying taxes and relying less on public assistance to support them is a goal for many individuals with a disability or employment barrier.

In the United States as a whole, 60 percent of these individuals do not have jobs. To gain their independence and become more self sufficient is a dream for many.

Programs in our community provide employment resources for individuals with disabilities and other employment barriers. Employers receive benefits such as on the job training resources, no-cost job placement services and post-employment follow-up. A job trial may be available and ensures position compatibility.

Is there a job at your place of business that would be a possible opportunity for individuals with a disability or other employment barrier? What can you do personally to open a door of opportunity for someone? All of us like new beginnings and the next dream being answered could include you.