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It's doubtful Favre and Vikings will make Super Bowl

As a perennial summer visitor to Lake Bemidji, and an avid football fan, I was pleased to be up here when Brett Favre, at age 39, signed with the Minnesota Vikings. Hence the birth of "Favremania."

Aging National Football League quarterbacks can lead their team to the Super Bowl. At 37 years of age, Fran Tarkinton took the Vikes to their last Super Bowl in 1977 when they lost to John Madden's Oakland Raiders. Just six months ago, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Curt Warner also reached the big dance at age 37. The Cards almost beat the Steelers thanks to a Minnesota native, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

However, history doesn't favor chronologically gifted NFL superstars reaching the Super Bowl with their new teams. In the early '90s, the Vikes, under the infinite wisdom of general manager Mike Lynn, traded four starters to the Dallas Cowboys for running back Hershel Walker. Lynn envisioned Walker taking the Vikings to the upcoming Super Bowl in the Metrodome. Sadly, that season was a disaster for Coach Jerry Burus and the fans. In its wake, an embarrassed Mike Lynn left the organization and Walker was traded to the Eagles. On the flip side, the rebuilt Dallas Cowboys won three Super Bowls in five years.

Let's not forget Joe Montana's final chapter with the Kansas City Chiefs several years ago. The legendary and former San Francisco 49er quarterback had two underwhelming seasons there. The Chiefs did not even make the playoffs and the Hall of Famers subsequent retirement was below the radar.

I doubt if Favre and the Vikings will be playing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy in Miami. However, the duel between Favre and Warner on Dec. 6 in Glendale, Ariz. should be very entertaining. Ironically, they could meet again for the National Football Conference championships. Let the games begin.

Steve Folson