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Ignorance, scare tactics put health care reform at risk

Our own ignorance and the scare tactics of special interest groups are combining to be a strong opposition to badly needed health insurance reform. Doesn't it amaze you how a "Judeo-Christian" nation will oft times gladly pay more taxes to support a strong military (fully government-run lest we forget) and its wars, but scream "murder" if we ask them to contribute something to take care of our very own neighbors in ill health?

Tax to kill, but don't tax to save! Odd logic for a religious nation! We are also becoming an arrogant nation, believing ourselves superior to all others despite the facts. I have lived in both Europe and Asia and used their health care systems. There, doctors make house calls knowing the risk in exposing others and charge less for the service than our office call. Think with reform you will wait in line to see a physician you do not know the day you are sick? Sadly, that is our system today!

With South Africa now having a national plan, we stand shamefully all alone in the industrialized world without one. Meanwhile, no country pays more for health care and gets less for its money than us. We have continued to fall behind other nations every year the World Heath Organization has made comparisons. Don't allow yourself to believe quality will suffer with health reform. It is suffering greatly for lack of it!

Self-interest groups are spending millions to defeat heath reform so they can continue to charge us more, while they decide who gets what treatment, if any. Their motive is profit-driven selfishness and it has resulted in countless unnecessary deaths in our own communities. Why would anyone who has good care not want their neighbors to have the same? What nation makes a parent host a community fund raiser to provide heath care to an uninsurable, ill child? This is a uniquely American phenomena.

Shame on us! Please make affordable, quality health care for every American a priority.

Joe Butler