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If you think we can find common ground, speak your mind

Not having written many letters to the editor, I might be part of the “silent majority” that one hears described so often. The events of December 2012 demand that the silence be broken.

I recommend listening to Joe Scarborough’s opening commentary on “Morning Joe” Dec. 17. He discusses a culture of violence that has desensitized us, the lack of mental health treatment options, and he dares to recommend that reasonable regulation of firearms be discussed. Too often the loud voices rule the day and they use the Bill of Rights and the Constitution as rationale to oppose any rational form of regulation. It is time for this to stop. I am a Christian, but all belief systems abhor the use of violence against the innocent. I believe I will stand in judgment someday and be asked to account for my actions, or lack thereof.

I would ask that all of us be engaged. See what your children are watching or playing on the computer or video game system. Then step back and think about what you are watching or playing. Are we setting the example we should? The entertainment industry is all about capitalism; if you don’t watch it, play it or buy it, they will change. Can we even consider that continued exposure to these types of media can cloud reality and fantasy in already susceptible minds? Are we willing to pay for expanded mental health treatment and counseling for troubled individuals and families?

As for weapons, can we even consider that 30- or 100-round ammunition clips or drums are not needed in hands of the general public? Can we have a discussion of what the Second Amendment means? It is often stated that we cannot prevent these terrible things by only passing another “gun law.” But if there is a 1 percent chance that one life could be saved by some form of regulation, are we willing to look the loved ones of that individual in the eye and say, “I’m sorry, their life wasn’t worth it.”

As we watch the dysfunction in Washington, I would suggest taking a look at an organization called “No Labels.” They list several ways to make our government work because rarely do we see any effort at true bipartisanship. I believe the majority of Americans feel there is a common ground we can live with. If that is you, it’s time to make your voice heard.