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If you drive illegally, you will pay the price

It’s not often that I feel compelled to respond to a recently published letter, but today that changed. I just read, with some interest, Wendell Affield’s letter regarding the impound fees in Bemidji and illegally driven vehicles. While Mr. Affield asserts in his opening statement that he does not condone illegally driven vehicles, by his last paragraph he asks how can these drivers be expected to pay the impound costs when they don’t have the money to drive their vehicle legally?

I will agree that fees in many areas of service are out of line. However, that issue is far from the point. The simple, concise and accurate answer to his question is this: Don’t drive a vehicle illegally. Our state laws require that we keep our vehicles licensed, registered and insured. These things all take money to accomplish and if that isn’t feasible, the vehicle must remain undriven.

It is a sad commentary that we have arrived at in our culture: Make a conscious decision to commit an unlawful act, get upset when you get caught and find any and every excuse to blame someone or something else. Where is personal responsibility? Where is honesty? Where is integrity?

Julie Kaiser