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I don’t want to be taxed on a theory

Once again The Associated Press submits a story on global warming.

Once again the politicians are checking our temperature to see if we are infused enough with unsubstantiated science to tax us more. The latest article (March 9) even mentions the hockey stick graph which is being argued even now by scientists.

Why is global climate change something that the politicians cannot drop? We are being obligated to pay for the development of the world by climate change taxes. Somewhere there is a drought, it’s climate change. Somewhere there is a flood, it’s climate change. Somewhere ice is melting, somewhere ice is accumulating, it’s climate change.

Would you like a drug for treatment of any disease that had not been proven with open data and has reproducible results? Until the climate scientists can prove something and submit their data which can be scrutinized and reproduced, we should not pay one dime to politicians who just want more money. I do not want to be taxed on a theory.

Susan J. Anderson