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Hypocrisy abounds in campaign material

It was a good week until yesterday; no more slick, color-printed flyers from the Republican Party of Minnesota with lies, distortions and silly pictures of the incumbent Democratic candidates for House and Senate in the Bemidji area. Then yesterday, three more.

I’m a Democrat. So if they are sending these to me, must be going to everyone. Sounds expensive. The party which prides itself on “fiscal restraint” and “financial responsibility” is sure spending a lot to acquire and hold power.

Wait, is this the outfit which sort of forgot to pay the rent on their St. Paul headquarters?

Not some little branch office, but the headquarters. Read this: “Dogged by debt, Minnesota GOP behind on its rent” (Star Tribune, April 9, 2012).

Maybe a simple oversight? Forget a bill this month, make it up next month? Hmm, no.

“Minnesota GOP gets eviction notice, after being behind in rent since August” (Pioneer Press, April 24, 2012). From August to April? August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April. Nobody took charge and paid the rent? My goodness.

Well no doubt they would want to explain to the voters of the state how this happened and what steps they will take to keep the party financially solvent, because this is so important. “Fiscal responsibility.”

Hmmm, no. Party chair Pat Shortridge stated on April 30: “We have reached a confidential agreement with our landlord, HUB Properties, that will allow us to fulfill our obligations to them.”

I guess we won’t hear what the deal was.

These are the people who “balanced the budget” by taking money from the schools.

Like they balanced their own budget by not paying the rent?

Vote them out. If you see an “R” with a name, remember this. It means “Reject.”

Joel Ward