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How can climate change differ using same data?

Regardless of your current position on global warming, please consider one simple mental exercise that will allow you to put this political and financial issue into proper perspective.

Determine how you would achieve an average global temperature. Would you require 6,000 absolutely accurate temperature readings from points around the globe? Whatever your number is, I accept it.

But for an average global temperature, those precise readings must be taken from mountains and valleys, deserts and jungles, oceans and lakes, cities and farms. Whatever you decide, I accept it.

Al Gore and Co. maintains that Earth's average temperature has risen during this past century by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit. They apparently consider it possible to arrive at an accurate average global temperature for the year 2009.

The question is: how did they find those very same accurate temperature readings, taken with the same accurate instruments, from the very same points on the globe, at the same hour of the same day, in the year 1909?

Joseph Pasulka

Southport N.C.