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Houle truly loves people, community

We are writing this short letter to let you know that you have a candidate running for Bemidji City Council Ward 1 who is very qualified to serve his community. His name is Derrick Houle.

We have known Derrick for 20 years. We went to college together and served young people together while in college. We know that Derrick has dedicated his life to serving people wherever he has been. We have known Derrick to have a real world sense of wisdom that helps him to identify issues and resolve problems. He is a team player who takes leadership seriously as well as integrity.

When you elect Derrick Houle you are not getting a councilman who has a hidden agenda for personal gain, but rather a man who truly loves people and is concerned about their well being and the well being of the community that he has dedicated himself and his family to.

Derrick has always been approachable and ready to hear concerns. We know if we lived in Ward 1 he would be our choice.