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Honesty in action

To the nice man who found my wallet and turned it in at Walmart recently, thank you!

I am happy to know that there are some good honest people left in this world. I was shopping at Walmart and accidentally forgot my wallet in my shopping cart. I did not realize it was gone until I was across town. I immediately turned around and headed back to Walmart. On the way I called customer service and found out that someone had just turned my wallet in.

I was happy it was found but I was a bit nervous because I had over $100 in cash plus my debit cards in it. When I arrived at Walmart I went to customer service to retrieve my wallet and everything was in it. The manager told me that an elderly man had turned it in and said he had not opened it. I really lucked out. I wish I knew this honest man’s name so that I can thank him personally but since he didn’t leave his name I would like to publicly thank him.

I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t found because all my money was in my wallet. All I know is that I am one lucky woman and will be more careful with my wallet from now on.

Robin Brunette

Cass Lake