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Homosexuality is genetic, not choice

In the discussions regarding homosexuality and same-sex marriage, an essential ingredient has been ignored. Homosexuality is not a life-style which a person chooses. Homosexuality is an inherited gene; that is, it is genetic.

I was born with brown eyes. That is genetic. I had no choice in the matter. I am not able to change my eye color. Homosexuality is inherited from the parents and lineage. Homosexuals are not able to change this fact of nature.

Five percent of all animals are born homosexuals. That includes humans.

I know three gay and lesbian individuals. Not one of them chose to be homosexual. In fact, they fought it. All three desperately tried to be heterosexual. They dated members of the opposite sex from ages 15 to 25. Finally, they reluctantly resigned themselves to their fate. They did not want to be the subject of bigotry and prejudice.

These three individuals are devout Christians who have found homes in churches which accept them. They are all professionals. They are moral. I can't ask for better friends.

How can we seek to deny them the intimacy of a committed relationship? Loneliness is common to all of humankind, especially to some who are subject to bigotry.

I am a conservative Christian who is well-versed in the Bible. I have been a serious student of the Bible for half a century. I read it in both the Hebrew and Greek, the original languages of the Bible.

We Christians have come to terms with Genesis, chapter one, and the six-day creation story. We accept the scientific explanation of creation. God created the universe, but the evolutionary process is most likely how he created it.

The Apostle Paul wrote that citizens are to obey their leaders. Consequently, many Christians stood by doing nothing as 6 million Jews were murdered.

The Ku Klux Klan argued from Genesis that African-Americans were inferior to Caucasians and therefore should be treated that way. We have become accustomed to mixed marriages, both religiously and racially. The list goes on.

I assume that not many people know homosexuals. Otherwise there would not be so much bigotry.

The gays we see on television during the pride parades are not representative of the gay population. They are by and large honorable people.

Jeb Monge