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Hold on to hope, faith and love

Hold on to hope, faith and love

Our church has a class on hope. For me, this is the season for hope and faith. It also reminded me of years ago, when I had after many years of not going to church or, to be honest, really caring about it, felt a little tug inside me to go back to church.

I took classes for a year from my pastor. I was not sure if I had been baptized as a baby as my parents are deceased since I was very little. So the pastor asked me if I would be baptized in front of all or did I want it done privately since I was an adult. I said I’d think about it.

Now, I had the most realistic dream I’ve ever had in my life. I was walking down a path holding onto the most beautiful egg I had ever seen. To the side of me on both sides of the road it was pitch black. Every now and then I’d meet people who would show me their egg and exclaim how beautiful it was. After a while I ran into a figure who pointed to the side of the road and I saw figures lying on the ground and moaning. The figure told me, “Hold tight to your egg; those are people who have lost their egg.”

I decided on baptism in front of everyone. Looking back, I believe that to me the egg was my hope, faith and love, and belief in God. Which to this day I hold tight to, especially in these times.

Theresa Henderson