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Hoefer praised for work on fire rating

I’d like to take a moment to offer a public thank you for the progressive vision and hard work of Bemidji Fire Chief David Hoefer and his team. As recently reported by the Pioneer, our fire department recently achieved a major milestone. As of 2013, our fire department has been awarded an upgrade in our standard fire protection rating for homes located within five miles of a Bemidji fire station but not within range of a fire hydrant.

While implementation will vary from insurance company to insurance company, the new ISO PC7 classification will ultimately benefit a number of local residents with lower homeowners insurance rates.

Chief Hoefer also deserves praise for his detailed and timely communication with local insurance agents, proactively sending us information we can use in servicing our homeowners insurance customers. And over the past several years he has also been very responsive in answering my fire-service related questions.

Finally, Chief Hoefer’s work toward a Bemidji fire district is great news for the greater Bemidji area. This exciting initiative would benefit many in the townships surrounding Bemidji with joint ownership in and more equitable cost-sharing of our local fire department. It would also open the door for better fire service (and lower insurance rates) for many living outside Bemidji’s city limits.

Fire service is something we take for granted and the hard work behind the scenes to make sure it functions often goes unnoticed. Fire Chief David Hoefer is a public servant who deserves a thank you from all of us.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Cobb owns a Bemidji insurance agency.