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High time we started educating our kids at home

It was good to see the Pioneer finally wake up and attack education and the unions. It is high time that we Americans start educating our kids at home and get them off public funding. No new taxes! Emmer will be even better than Pawlenty.

With this new bailout of teachers and unions, New Jersey was able to rehire 4,000 of the 15,000 they laid off. That is 4,000 too many. California slashed 40 percent of education funding. Good, let the miracle of the marketplace solve that, too.

While we are all strong supporters of education, I actually think larger classes and fewer teachers could help as we compete with socialist countries too close to the Kremlin.

Maybe it's time for Jesse Ventura and Henny Penny's party to "horn" in on the flag waving and logic.

If taxpayer money goes to sex change operations, it may be time for Americans to wake up and see who we really are.

Richard Moen