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Here's an idea for Pawlenty's 2012 campaign slogan

Pawlenty's $2.5 billion budget cuts seem to work on the following premise: First we cut funding to our schools, which means making our kids dumber. Next we cut health care services which means making people's lives more desperate and miserable. Then we cut money to cities, counties and townships so that the places where people live start to fall apart.

Sounds fun so far. Next we cut money to colleges so the kids who we didn't educate in K-12 won't get a higher education making them even less likely to land really good jobs. Finally we cut back on cops and firefighters so when our angry, ignorant, diseased population starts saying stuff like "Minnesotans no like! Minnesotans smash!" We old-timers will be left to hide in the sewers until the angry mobs play themselves out.

We will do all of this so that the richest 2 percent of our population won't have to pay a little bit more in taxes. If the richest of the rich pay a little more, they might suffer some kind of loss, like -- not being able to take their sick child to the doctor? No wait, that's what will happen to anybody that relies on the state of Minnesota to live. At any rate, this should make for a good presidential campaign slogan in 2012 "Minnesota: a little dumber, a little scarier, a whole lot Pawlenty-er"

Spencer Dobson