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Child, father die after kayak overturns on Hart Lake in Hubbard County

Here is some advice for Republicans

After another sour election, Republicans are once again sorting themselves out, painfully pondering how to proceed. (How could the Fox gods have been so wrong?)

Here are three helpful adjustments Republicans should make going forward, which of course they won’t – as none of these are coming from their clergy at Fox.

Regardless, I’ll make the suggestions anyway.

1. Get smart. When I tune into AM radio or watch Fox news, I’m told by these folks who speak in half-truths how smart Republicans are. Yet the Republican Party and its super-surrogates mail out tons of glossy fliers during campaign season that are obviously targeted for 6-year-olds. Problem is, 6-year-olds don’t vote. How smart is it to spend billions of dollars on advertising schlock that could only persuade a voter with a brain the size of a grape?

So here’s the adjustment: If you’re going to talk smart, then act smart. Appeal to the smart. Campaign and spend as if you were smart. It’s pretty basic.

2. Drop “less government regulation” from the repertoire. Republicans are constantly claiming to fight for less regulation, yet they put two amendments on our Minnesota ballot — both of which involved additional regulations.

Republicans do this all the time. It seems they don’t want to deregulate, they want to reregulate.

So here’s the deal: If you are going to preach it, then practice it. If you are not going to practice it, then preach something else. It’s pretty simple.

3. Rethink the “smaller government” thing. Republicans talk and talk about smaller government, yet – once again — they run a presidential candidate who vows to increase military spending – which is already the largest government program in the country.

Understand this, Republicans: Big military is big government. Bigger military is bigger government. If you like big military, you like big government. Write it down. A hundred times if necessary.

What it amounts to is this: Either change your talk, Republicans, or adjust your walk. Because increasingly you are coming off as something akin to that closet gay who is constantly speaking out against homosexuality.

Just accept who you are. Change the channel, look inside and figure it out. Then step out of the closet and be yourselves.

If you can accomplish this, you may be surprised at how many accept you in return.