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Help given after vehicle breakdown illustrates what’s so great about Bemidji

On Jan. 27, I was preparing to head back home after my annual get-together with friends from my youth. You see, we have been gathering for 25 years in the Bemidji area to raise a glass, have a few laughs and, on occasion, to fish. As we have gotten older the glass raising has declined, while the fishing has taken center stage.

With ice shack and assorted supplies safely stowed in the back of my pickup, I headed south to return home. Not two miles from our camp, my pickup lost a front wheel bearing. At this point, I thought I was up a famous creek without a paddle.

I shouldn’t have worried, because I failed to remember how wonderful the people in your area can be. I called George from the Morning Star Resort on Lake Andrusia. He called Rich from Ellis Towing in Cass Lake. Rich dropped what he was doing on a Sunday and hauled my broken vehicle to Ryan’s Repair on Roosevelt Road, just outside Bemidji. Ryan worked above and beyond to get me home and did an excellent job repairing my pickup.

Because I live in Red Wing, I was expecting the “Oh yeah, he’s one of those Cities guys” rates from the towing and repair. But, you know what? George, Rich and Ryan all treated me like a friend and were worried about my welfare. (They didn’t even know I went to high school in Bemidji.)

Count your blessings and know you live in a good place filled with good people. I don’t know about you, but I love Bemidji.

Todd Avery

Red Wing, Minn.