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Helga residents urged to attend meeting

I sat in a courtroom in Park Rapids the other day in awe. Could this be real, is Helga Township really spending thousands of dollars to stop a fellow township taxpayer/farmer from removing rocks in his fields and then selling them to assist in funding the clearing so his fields can be tilled and grazed?

Yes, it's true. My tax dollars spent to stop what would be considered the prudent thing to do to feed the very people who have been elected to serve us as township supervisors.

There just has to be more to this story. Yes there is. No one from the planning board or supervisor board has even been on the property.

So, so sad. My wife and I spent two plus hours walking through the farm about three weeks ago. Yes, it is some of the rockiest ground I have ever seen, but why would anyone ever want to put a cease and desist on a farmer because he is clearing rocks from his field? Can you imagine if every township decides to follow the lack of thinking of Helga? All land owners in Helga and adjoining townships need to attend the township meeting at 7 p.m. July 24 at the Helga Town Hall. If this contamination of common sense continues your township could do the same to you, since the same attorney and land use administrators oversee many neighboring townships. Our constitutional rights are in jeopardy, folks. Please don't crawl under a rock and ignore these concerns.

Di­rk Fisher