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Health care stories were only DFL propaganda

The front page article in Thursday, July 22 Pioneer, "Forum looks at Minnesota health needs," appears to be another installment in a series with a continuing theme. Pawlenty is bad and we need the forum's hosting DFL teammates to save us.

You know, that sounds more like a political rally then an informational forum. Why are these forums always scheduled on Wednesday morning in this case, when the common taxpayer is working? Do they not want his input?

How many health care professionals were in attendance and on the clock? Could they attend if this "forum" was billed as a political rally?

Anytime the feds "give" someone another taxpayer's money, the feds will have stipulations. Do you know what they are? Has Obama's law writers even written them? Has the money's source been established or is it more borrowed money?

Today, 41 cents of every fed dollar is borrowed. How long will this entitlement be sustainable? Are we creating yet more dependency? After all the promises are made and political credit is taken; the feds will eventually find they are no longer capable of continuing to supporting this entitlement. Then, who will break the news to the dependents and own-up to its failure?

Why do these ploys always start with a special, unnamed person in a rare and unique circumstance. Then play on someone's feelings and emotions in an effort to scrape-up a few supporters; wisdom and experience be damned! He will surely need free travel assistance and day care and fuel assistance, a EBT card, and in-home nursing assistance, and ... This special person would be better served if he put his time, money and efforts into building bonds with his family, friends and church. Not in a political "savior's" hollow promise.

Guess the real tragedy is how the Pioneer has been repeatedly used and manipulated to carry this kind of political forum as if it were a real front page news story.

Newspapers are going broke every day. If the Pioneer is going to "carry the water" for DFL talking points, you should get paid for it.

Keith Pommerening