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Health care should be about people, not profits

Our country is embroiled in controversy and debate over health care reform. Focus on the purpose of health care has been lost. Health care has two purposes: one is to keep people healthy and two is to get people well when sick.

Our public officials squander our limited and scarce resources during a period of a crumbling economy. They are financing wars in three countries, subsidizing the Israeli military machine and spending trillions of dollars financing 800 U.S. military bases on foreign soil dotting the globe. Then they tell us there is no money for health care. Instead, we should be building 800 public health care centers stretching out across the United States, providing a public health care system which includes:

ENo fees/no premiums

EComprehensive cradle to grave coverage

EAll inclusive -- general, dental, eyes, physical therapy

EUniversal -- everybody in, nobody out

EPublicly funded

EPublicly administered

EPublicly delivered

We can afford to provide a first-rate, world-class, free public health care system for our own people, if we get our priorities straight.

We need health care reform based upon everybody in and all the profiteers out.

Health care is supposed to be about people, a human right, not about profits.

Representing workers employed in smoke-filled casinos suffering from cancers and health and lung problems, I know a little something about why we need health care reform now.

Alan L. Maki

Director of Organizing

Midwest Casino Workers Organizing Council