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Guinea drum presentation appreciated

I would like to thank Dr. Janis Haworth of the BSU Music Department for the wonderful drum presentation on Guinea, West Africa at the recent Adventures in Lifelong Learning. She explained her Fulbright Scholar program dealing with the drum of that country. I enjoy getting involved in how she developed a system that would explain how the music is played. Dr. Haworth told many stories about the country’s development, its people and the five music division within the country.

I truly enjoyed myself wonderful presentation Dr. Haworth. Here are a few of the comments from the audience:

– Enjoyed the humor as well as the information. The culture and music of Guinea. Would like to learn more of her “stories”.

– What an innovative topic—thinking and success are so prevalent here. It’s an insight for us who believe in education. Thank you. I was at the BSU choir concert last fall where the final piece was the choirs and the drums and was one of the most beautiful pieces of music I ever heard.

– Janice should come share people stories, everyday life and living.

Al Yarnott

Board member, Adventures in Lifelong Learning