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Gov't searches destroy convenience of air travel

Our government is handling us all as a bunch of cattle. I have never seen anything as inhuman as the government policy of "pat downs" and "body scans" the airlines have imposed on flyers. The terrorists must really be enjoying themselves as our government performs its antics on our population.

It is my idea that profiling is our best way. If they look suspicious, grab them. Arm our pilots with stun guns. Teach the flight attendants the use of them also. Forget about stupid political correctness which has been our downfall since it was part of our government brainwash.

Our little kids, teens, grandpas, grandmas, moms and dads should not be subject to such inhumane, degrading treatment. We don't know who the government hires for such operations. Everything is very questionable. Look at what our government has talked you into believing. It is unreal how people have consented to this violation of our most sacred person.

Flying is the way of our life. Business and the economy depend on this type of transportation. Government is destroying this for us, probably on purpose. It is another way of government control of the people. It is wrong and must not continue.

Patsy Bender