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Government wants to tell you how, and how long, to live

As reported by some polls, 85 percent of the people asked were happy with health insurance. I have to wonder if those people still have insurance and if they’re still happy.

You were supposed to be able to keep you insurance and your doctor. Since your insurance doesn’t meet government rules, you can’t keep it. You might have the same doctor, if they still practice, but you might have to wait six months to see them.

Under the Obamatheydon’tcare law, Medicare cuts in excess of half a trillion dollars will take place. If you’re a senior get your affairs in order because they don’t want you around. If you’re in need of a specialist a non-physician panel will decide if you warrant that or any care. Your will to live or zest for life counts for nothing. Feeding tubes and Zohydro is in your future. As a legislator you don’t have to worry about this; you have taken care of yourself for the rest of your life. After all, you’re better than the rest of us.

As in the past the lawmakers take something that works for a majority and turn it into something that works for a few. The government wants to tell you how to live but also how long. Could "Logan’s Run" be our future.

Bob Ciesiel