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Governance from bottom up is always the best

There are basically two management styles, one is top down and the other is bottom up.

Top-down: The power is concentrated at the upper levels of the organization and the lower levels are micro-managed as in automatons. These organizations are full of rules and regulations that must be followed. Unions are often necessary to protect the workers.

Bottom-up: The power is concentrated in the lower levels of the organization; as a result, most of the decisions are made by the workers. These workers have little use for unions.

This country has existed for 234 years; the first 150 or so years were primarily bottom-up style of operation. The last 90 or so years have seen a great push to force the nation into a top-down mode of operation.

In St. Paul, officials are struggling to find ways to improve the quality of the state's education. This will no doubt result in new programs along with the new taxes needed to implement them. One can only imagine the improvements in the quality of education and the cost reductions possible with a bottom- up system.

The notion that a group of elites can govern this country better than the people is as wrong now as it was when King George of England thought he could do it 234 years ago.

Lyle Delaney