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GOP wrong, Persell has worked hard for district

A recent letter from Republican Party Chairman Ken Cobb is dead wrong about Rep. John Persell when it comes to jobs. John has worked tirelessly to create good jobs for the people of our district since he was elected. John got projects included in this year's bonding bill that would have created hundreds of jobs in our area. Unfortunately, these projects were vetoed by Republic Gov. Tim Pawlenty, and as a result, the jobs were lost. John is already working to get these projects included next time.

Last week, John helped pass legislation (HF 2695) that creates jobs in the private sector with tax credits for investors. The bill will add thousands of jobs across the state in bioscience, manufacturing, construction and the green economy. He is also co-author on a bill (HF 3627) to reduce the corporate franchise tax rate. John understands that the engine of our economy is middle-class families, and these are the very people who are paying too much.

A study done by the Minnesota Department of Revenue shows that under Gov. Pawlenty's watch, Minnesota's tax system has become more regressive, with higher-income earners paying lower tax rates than lower-income earners. How is this fair to people living on a fixed income such as seniors, or those men and women who have either lost their job or had their hours reduced?

The plan John voted on last year would have asked those making over $300,000 per year to pay just $9 more per month (or 30 cents a day) for the next four years -- the cost of a pizza. I don't think that's asking too much.

I've known John Persell for many years; he understands the difficult challenges people are f acing right now. I trust him to do the best job he can for all of us. And, finally, Mr. Cobb, as for impeaching Republican Gov. Pawlenty, how could he even think about running for president when he allowed Minnesota's transportation infrastructure to degrade to the point where a major bridge in Minneapolis falls down, killing 13 people? If only the governor were held to the same constitutional standards as city and county officials.

Stan Helberg

Cass Lake