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Good news for cyclists in Bemidji

Saturday’s (Sept. 28) Pioneer was full of good news for cyclists. The article about the Downtown Development Authority bike rack project was exciting, and not just for the beautiful, locally made, functional racks. Leaders of the DDA by their words and actions have made it clear that encouraging cycling in Bemidji is good for everyone and is a piece of the solution to our downtown parking problems.

This is the kind of vision that keeps our beautiful downtown vibrant and healthy and attracts visitors.

The other piece of good news was the citations for distracted driving. As a cyclist it is frightening to approach an intersection and see that drivers are talking on the phone or texting rather than taking in a full view that includes a less conspicuous cyclist.

I am glad to see that one of the citations went to a pedal biker. Cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as traffic. As drivers of legal vehicles, cyclists must follow all traffic law including riding on the right, stopping at stop signs and giving full attention to driving. Enforcement of the law for all drivers helps keep us safe and allows traffic to move smoothly. Thanks to our police for addressing the distracted driver issue.

Diane M Pittman M.D.