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Good Bemidji Samaritans abound

Thank goodness for Good Samaritans ... translate Good Bemidj Samaritans. Five of them came to my rescue on frigid Wednesday morning.

At 7:30 I drove to Wal-Mart to purchase what I needed. When I came out about an hour later, my car didn’t start. The engine turned over, but it didn’t start. I asked the young man getting into his car next to mine if he might be able to start it, and he tried but to no avail. However, he didn’t leave me; he offered the use of his cell phone and called AAA for me. Good Bemidji Samaritan No. 1.

Going inside Wal-Mart to wait for AAA to come, the greeter offered me his stool. Good Bemidji Samaritan No. 2.

Southside AAA was able to start my car and indicated it was not working right. Because my car would go no faster than 10 mph (pedal to the medal), the driver suggested that I take a route that would avoid as much of the highway as possible. For my security, he followed me all the way to the repair shop with his truck lights blinking. Good Bemidji Samaritan No. 3.

Dick’s Northside was my destination. Since they were busy and unsure when they might get to check my car, I was offered a ride home (with my groceries) and back to First Lutheran for a meeting. Good Bemidji Samaritan No. 4.

Following the meeting I was delivered to my doorstep by Good Bemidji Samaritan No. 5.

That morning I had prayed that the people I might need that day would be there for me. How wondrously God answers prayers.

God bless the five Good Bemidji Samaritans who came to my aid. Thanks to them, I am safely at home.

Jan Kittleson