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Global greed continues to find ways to corrupt

About a year ago, I visited a discussion group with a number of people who seemed nice. The businessman chose our topic: How do you define "success"? He began with his own views that seemed separated from money making and chillingly added that a few big companies were "naturally" successful but others failed. There is nothing natural about globalization. It took a cold war and the murder of millions to achieve the global ambitions of a few rich crooks and their big businesses.

This economy is "contracting." What that means is big corporate crooks are going to dump their contracts to small business so all the little companies that hire most of Americans will fail. It also means that other businesses that rely on a thriving local or at least national economy will fail too. That is the post modern.

There is no future with Thomas Hobbes' views supported by secular values. PBS is corporate manipulated too.

Evolution has nothing to do with global greed. Rich crooks always claimed they deserved it all. They twisted religion to defend it, then used corrupt arrogant or grossly misled scientists and other experts to invent casuistry to destroy Western ethics that interfered with their insane power while they pretended to embrace religion! Right-wing politicians should be notorious for quoting that atheist property- rights witch Ayn Rand whenever they think they can get away with it.

One arrogant creep in that discussion group I visited asked why there is no chi in Western culture. There is, Christ is the light of the world in the New Testament. Also "chi" is an Asian word and belongs to Eastern culture. The Chinese are totally right when they call this government hypocritical for criticizing them on human rights. Corporations actually lobbied that country to stop the improvement of working conditions, when Chinese girls have been worked to death to make their products. An American businessman has said he just wants to treat all workers the same. Prostitution is big business for poor Asians and media here has made "working girl" a euphemism for prostitute. Science news once claimed that prostitution was a good job for 12-year-old Asian girls, if they don't die of syphilis. A major local paper claimed a Twin Cities stripper owed taxes on $80,000 she made in tips. I doubt it!

Irene Boone

Stillwater, Minn.