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Get facts straight before calling malarkey

In response to "Be green, but learn planet's history" (July 22):

Mr. Gallagher:

You say in your letter "...10,000 years ago Bemidji had a climate that supported plant life that one would find in Florida today." Ten thousand years ago the megaglaciers from the last global ice age had retreated into what is now Canada but had not entirely melted, and this area, that had recently re-emerged from under the ice, was covered by huge swamps and lakes the remains of which we still see today.

Ten thousand years ago the earth's axial tilt was just about what it is now. This area was not tropical, and indeed was still rather cold, and would not support "...plant life that one would find in Florida."

You go on to say, "I would also ask the writer to realize that this planet has been around for about 14 billion years," which also is unsupported by the best knowledge we have. The Big Bang happened around 14 billion years ago, but the earth's formation was about 4.54 billion years ago.

At the end of it you say "But all this malarkey that this writer uses about planet warming belies a misunderstanding or ignorance of the history of the planet. Read your history books, my friend."

With the almost instantaneous access to information that is available now, there is no excuse to get it wrong. If you're going to call malarkey, you should make sure you have your own facts straight. I guess I have to call you on a bit of malarkey, too. If you doubt the facts as I have stated them here, I'll gladly point you to my sources. In my opinion, you owe an apology to the other writer.

Curtis D. Folstrom