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'Gaea' beaver 'appalls and repulses' visitor to city

I was in town over the weekend for a wedding and was appalled and repulsed by the beaver statue on the corner of Fourth and Beltrami. I have since read many of the articles and discussions on Facebook and elsewhere concerning this statue.

From what I read, the image depicted on the front of the statue was supposed to be hands coming out of the water. This was certainly not what I saw, and I am not convinced that the artist wasn't covering her behind by giving this description.

I am mortified that anybody, which includes children and young boys, can just walk by and see such a pornographic image on the corner of a street. This type of "artwork" needs to be in a gallery that a person has to make the choice to enter.

Shame on the Bemidji City Council for putting this back in the public! Your city strives on tourism, but do you really want to attract the type of tourists who will come to see this?

Sarah Homme