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Former student praises Ninham's coaching style

I could not agree more with Marilyn Geller's comments on Dan Ninham and his resignation as head coach of the Cass Lake-Bena basketball team. I did know coach Ninham and played for him at Bemidji High School back in the mid '90s. I still recall how disappointed I was when Bemidji High School missed the boat in failing to promote him to head coach when the opportunity arose.

I was part of one of the several dismal, uninspired runs at making it to state as part of the varsity squad under the new coach. I haven't lived in the community for many years now, but the Dan Ninham I knew exuded nothing but class, dedication, and demonstrated an uncanny way of motivating his players to succeed.

If ever I am asked to recall an inspirational teacher or coach, Mr. Ninham soars to the top of the list every time. I recall Mr. Ninham as a charismatic, dedicated family man who backed up his charisma and talent for coaching young men with an infectious, calm and highly motivating demeanor.

Yes, I realize my experience is from nearly 15 years ago and I know people can change, but for what it's worth, Mr. Nin-ham will always have my support and I will remember him as an inspirational leader.

Mike Burgess

Shakopee, Minn.