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Fireman showed real dedication to job

On July 2 my friend and I were visiting five campsites of family members in the Chippewa Loop of Norway Beach Campground when the storm came through. We continue to be grateful that no one was injured but there is one other story that deserves to be told.

After it became apparent that there was minimal damage and no injuries, the family members took a walking tour of the other campground loops. They discovered that the Wanaki Loop had trees down and was generally a big mess. In that Wanaki Loop was a man using his own pickup to clear the road. And then they saw him backing his boat into the water at the boat landing. They then realized his pager was going off and that he was a Bemidji fireman. He had arranged for someone to pick him up on the other side of Cass Lake so that he could answer his call of duty in Bemidji. We don't even know the name of the fireman, but we feel he went the "extra mile" to help, and if you know who this man is, please be sure to shake his hand and give him a big thank you from the rest of us.

Elaine Clark