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Firefighters helped company survive

On Thanksgiving Day firefighters from Bemidji, Blackduck and Cass Lake missed their turkey dinners to fight a terrific fire at the Birchwood Color Center on the north end of Bemidji.

We were tenants in that building for 18½ years. Much of the building was completely destroyed. Due to the skill and effort of these firefighters, the portion of the building we occupied was spared massive damage from the fire and we were able to recover all valuable equipment and records. By the next Monday we were able to set up temporary facilities and resume operations.

You know how important their work is but you don’t feel it until they do it for you. We can’t thank these dedicated individuals enough and we are incredibly grateful.

Greg Carlson

Jodi Maki

Kathy Carrlson

Ameriprise Financial, Bemidji