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Even a 9-year-old knows vandalism of art is wrong

I am appalled by the treatment of a sculpture in our town and am saddened by the views of some people in this town. I have lived in, or around Bemidji, most of my life and have never been so embarrassed at the way things happen here.

The "Gaea" beaver is a beautiful piece of art which we should be proud to have here in our city. I for one am. I have shown my daughter "Gaea" and she said it was pretty. She never once said, "Dad, is that what I think it is?" She loved the flowers and the women painted on it.

Wednesday morning I wake up and log on to the Pioneer and find a heart-breaking picture of the hate this town hides. My daughter asked, "What happened? Why was someone mean and painted on that beaver?" She said," It would me so sad if someone ruined my painting."

She is 9 and even knows it was a cruel act and the person should be found and punished! I for one will not stand for this in my town. If this town wants to be known for its art walk then they should protect it and stand up for its artists.

If the person who did this is reading, Shame on you! And for those who support the person who did it, shame on you! Please, people, it's art, cherish it!

Jeremy Van Wert