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Envy, class warfare make us small

I have always thought that the class warfare game made people look tiny. I also thought that envy made people look tiny. I guess it was just the way I was raised. After this election I have completely rethunk me entire life. Me likes class warfare and envy!

I’m sorry, I started sounding like a typical college student of today. You know, the drones who do exactly like their rich teachers and rich professors tell them to think. We need to start taxing these lazy, overpaid pompous so-called educators at a much higher rate. They need to pay their fair share. They are not. They get a great retirement, health care, sabbaticals that are paid for, and on and on. All of these things should be taxed.

I’m envious. I now have a big list of people I am envious of. Some stupid overpaid English teacher is now beside him … er, her … er, itself because of my grammar. Maybe you should go on a one-year paid sabbatical to decompress.

Remember all you goofy people holding up the “Tax the 1 percenter” signs downtown? Some of you actually used your kids to push this agenda. Good for you. I like it. The more envy we have the better. The more class warfare the better. Maybe next you could teach your kids to hate ... more than you already have. I don’t care. I’m getting old. What do I care about my kids and grandkids? What do I care if they hate or don’t hate? What do I care if they have so much debt that they have no freedom to pay for it? Sink or swim. Am I right or what?

Well now, after the election, it’s already the 2 percenters, and I think we should go to the 3 percenters. Hell, it will take a while to get to me. What do I care?

Robert W. Arnold