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Emmer idea to simplify government: Create regions

Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer proposes to save Minnesota money by simplifying government. Though he is saving details for September, he has advocated combining governmental units, such as school districts. To help him in formulating his ideas for presentation later this election season, we have designed a simplification of counties. Imagine the savings in tax dollars from having just 11 counties, rather than 87.

With the advanced vehicles and highways available to Minnesotans now, it will be possible for any county's citizen to reach one of the new 11 county seats within less than two hours of driving time. Of course, for most people travel times would be much shorter.

The new county seats will be, from northeast to northwest, then zig-zagging down the state: Lutsen, Hibbing, Big Falls, Thief River Falls, Detroit Lakes, Aitken, Benson, Buffalo, Slayton, Mankato, and Rochester.

Think of all the jobs that will be generated by the investment in new facilities! And the current county seats that lose that status will find themselves with a wonderful economic opportunity: vacant buildings that can be put to new, productive uses.

It's clear that Emmer has a money-saving, tax-saving idea that promises good things for Minnesotans.

Bob Lee


Ron Blackmore


Kurt Kent

Gainsville, Fla.

Concerned Minnesotans for Simplicity