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E-cigarette regulations infringe on rights

After reading the articles about the Bemidji City Council wanting to put their regulations on e-cigarettes, it’s obvious that the they think that the citizens of Bemidji are too ignorant to make their own decisions. I thought that we lived in a place where if you’re over 18, you can make your own decisions, not have a city council make them for you.

The last I knew, e-cigarettes were completely legal for anyone who was 18 and older.

From what I understand, the main reason that regular cigarettes were banned from being in a public place was because of the dangers of second-hand smoke. What is your reason now that second-hand smoke isn’t the issue? There’s no second hand smoke with an e-cigarette or vaporizer so why not treat the people like adults and let them use them indoors, especially in a place that only has consenting adults such as a bar?

I don’t think that you were hired to pass laws that infringe on people’s rights, which is exactly what you’re doing by trying to ban something that is completely legal. Please, Bemidji City Council, mind your own business and stop trying to control law-abiding citizens and businesses. We can make our own choices, and if we choose to walk into an establishment knowing what activities are going on and they’re completely legal, then that should be up to us to make the choice to enter that establishment.

Pat Heffernan