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DUI arrest should not have been news

I found myself appalled by the Aug. 14 article about Sarah Einerson’s arrest for DUI. Is this how the Pioneer intends to sell papers from now on? Will you write articles about everyone in the court column who has a DUI? This is not news, it is fodder for gossip.

Sarah happens to be a real asset to our community. I have met her in conjunction with our work in the Servants of Shelter program and have found her to be hard working and compassionate. Even if I had not known Sarah I would still be outraged at the printing of this article. It is  the modern-day equivalent of being put in the stocks in the town square; a display guaranteed to bring public shame.

Shame on the Pioneer for such shabby reporting of such a private matter. To find oneself in the court column on the back pages of the paper is humiliating enough, but to have the local paper use one’s illness to provide sensationalism in order to sell papers is a disgrace to journalism.