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Authorities identify man who died in fiery crash on Interstate 29 south of Grand Forks

Don’t bully gay marriage opponents

I have news for Jeb Monge. His assertion (Aug. 4) that homosexuality is genetic is not only unproven; but as he states it, it is impossible. Homosexual couples do not reproduce.

A fact is that many of my friends who are homosexual say that they didn’t seek this odd affection. They may not choose the way they feel, but they do choose what they do. Society shouldn’t punish them for what they think, nor give civil preference to either homosexual or heterosexual people. But those who choose this homosexual behavior should not bully those who believe it to be aberrant by calling them homophobic.

The family, we have always believed, is the bedrock of society. Parents determine both the nature and nurture of their children. We need to allow for children who do not have parents, as well as those whose parents are not fit to rear children. But there actually are people who, without hating gays, feel we must defend the ancient and worldwide definition of marriage.

Please Jeb, and all like you, don’t slander those who don’t agree with you. In a free society, this needs to be a subject for civil debate, not name calling, and not framed in such obviously silly assertions.

Joseph P. Smith